List of Entries

Seven Kinds of Satire (Robinson, 1912)
Anti-Clericalism (Paul-Dubois, 1908)
Chrysostome (Gogarty, 1937)
St. John Chrysostom and Paris (Freeman’s Journal, 1904)
Gogarty (Moore, 1925)
Swinburne’s Hellenism (Gosse, 1917)
A Hyperborean in Athens (Smiddy, 1871)
O’Connell on ‘Castle Catholics’ (Paul-Dubois, 1908)
Ponderous Saxon (Freeman’s Journal, 1904)
Class Distinctions at Oxford (Davidson, 1914)
The Opposition between England and Ireland (Paul-Dubois, 1908)
The Englishman (Gogarty, 1937)
The Knifeblade and the Irish Poet (Robinson, 1912)
Rescue from the Liffey (Irish Times, 1904)
Kindness of the Celt (Bryant, 1913)
Shaving and Hygiene (Freeman’s Journal, 1904)
Interchangeability of Bard and Brehon (Ginnell, 1894)
Irish Bards (Smiddy, 1871)
The Bards (Ginnell, 1894)
Comment on Swinburne (Freeman’s Journal, 1904)
Swinburne, ‘An Appeal’ (Swinburne, 1867)
Swinburne’s Appeal to England (Gosse, 1917)
Swinburne, ‘The Union’ (Swinburne, 1894)
Swinburne to Dowden on ‘The Union’ (Wise, 1914)
Swinburne (Robertson, 1897)
Swinburne’s Love of the Sea (Gosse, 1917)
The Sea (Gogarty, 1937)
Nietzsche and Parental ‘Slave-Morality’ (Eglinton, 1917)
Nietzsche and Morality (Eglinton, 1917)
Shaw on Nietzsche and Morality (Saturday Review, 1896)
Historical Promotion of English Dress in Ireland (Rooney, 1909)
Lunacy in Ireland (Young, 1904)
Richmond Asylum Baths (United Irishman, 1904)
Richmond Asylum Board (Irish Times, 1904)
Athleticism (Rooney, 1909)
Irish Servants (Birmingham, 1911)
Irish Ape (Birmingham, 1911)
Aphorisms by Wilde (Sutton, 1911)
Irish Servility (Paul-Dubois, 1908)
Destructive Power of Irish Poets (Robinson, 1912)
Doctors’ Fees (Irish Times, 1904)
South Africa and Ireland (Freeman’s Journal, 1904)
English Naval Power (United Irishman, 1904)
Doing Something for Ireland (Dunraven, 1905)
Quiller-Couch on Swinburne’s Hellenism (Rutland, 1931)
Hellenism and Homosexuality (Dowling, 1994)
Irish Upper Classes (O’Leary, 1896)
Anglicisation in Ireland (Paul-Dubois, 1908)
Undergraduate Behaviour at Oxford (Davidson, 1914)
Lawns at Oxford (Davidson, 1914)
English Remorse (Arnold, 1867)
Neo-Pagans (Birmingham, 1919)
The Changeability of the Gael (Bryant, 1913)
‘Flush’ and the Power of the Satirist (Robinson, 1912)
Senchus Mor (Ginnell, 1894)
The Clan System (United Irishman, 1904)
The Sea (United Irishman, 1904)
Discontinuity of Thought (Robertson, 1897)
Gaels Seldom Moody (Bryant, 1913)
Irish Melancholy (Gogarty, 1937)
The Different Kinds of Celt (The Leader, 1904)
Oppression of Women (Haslam, 1906)
Women in Ireland (Connolly, 1915)
Cathleen ni Houlihan (Moore, 1925)
Seumas MacMagnuis’s Preface (Rooney, 1909)
Parnell’s Refusal to Play Supplicant to the English (O’Brien, 1910)
The Celt and Practicality (Bryant, 1913)
France and Ireland (Paul-Dubois, 1908)
Adulterated Milk (Freeman’s Journal, 1904)
English Market for Irish Writing (United Irishman, 1904)
Anglo-Irish Literary Renaissance (Paul-Dubois, 1908)
Publication of Gaelic Literature (Bryant, 1913)
Dun Emer (Freeman’s Journal, 1904)
Dun Emer as Marketed in England (United Irishman, 1904)
Placidity of Irish Catholicism (Birmingham, 1919)
Irish Piety (Birmingham, 1919)
Kathleen-ni-Houlihan (Bryant, 1913)
Silk of the Kine (United Irishman, 1904)
Etymology of ‘Gay’ (Arnold, 1867)
Nietzsche and ‘Gay’ (Eglinton, 1917)
Health in Dublin (Russell, 1901)
Medical License Fees (Irish Times, 1904)
Plunkett and Misunderstanding (The Leader, 1904)
Betrayal of the Irish Language (Rooney, 1909)
The Work of the Gaelic League (United Irishman, 1904)
Irish Language (Moore, 1925)
English Visitor to Ireland (O’Leary, 1896)
English Visitors to Ireland (Irish Times, 1904)
English Teaching the Irish How to be Irish (Gogarty, 1937)
Irish Language as Tool of Conversion (Freeman’s Journal, 1904)
The Language Movement (United Irishman, 1904)
P.W. Joyce’s Lectures (Freeman’s Journal, 1904)
The Irish Language (Irish Times, 1904)
The National Library (United Irishman, 1904)
Lyster on Nietzsche (Gogarty, 1937)
Ireland’s Geographical Location (Robertson, 1897)
English Writers and Irish Speech (Birmingham, 1911)
Irish as Great Talkers (Birmingham, 1911)
Parnell as Uncommunicative (O’Brien, 1910)
Sheil’s Speech of 1837 (Lampson, 1907)
Local Government Act (Russell, 1901)
Joyce’s Unremitting Seriousness (Gogarty, 1937)
Attack on Indifferentism (Rooney 1909)
Stage Irishman (Freeman’s Journal and United Irishman, 1904)
Playing Up To English Visitors (Birmingham, 1911)
The ‘Irish Type’ – Mercurial (United Irishman, 1904)
Butterly (Gogarty, 1937)
Martello Towers (Irish Times, 1904)
The Navel of Ireland (Smiddy, 1871)
Joyce as Mediaeval Wandering Scholar (Gogarty, 1937)
Review of Hamlet (Freeman’s Journal, 1904)
Shakespeare Memorial at Elsinore (Irish Times, 1904)
Daily Telegraph Jingoism and Dai Nippon (Freeman’s Journal and The Times, 1904)
Destroyer at Kingstown (Irish Times, 1904)
Panama Hats (Irish Times and Oxford Review, 1904)
The Myth of the Comic Irishman (Birmingham, 1911)
Blasphemy (Cox, 2000)
Religious Authority (Birmingham, 1919)
Tea and Tobacco (Freeman’s Journal, 1904)
Dana and Independent Thought (Irish Times, 1904)
O’Duffy on Freedom (Gogarty, 1937)
Brehon Law and Rent (Bryant, 1913)
Springs of Possible Sympathy (Arnold, 1867)
Churchill on Irish Freedom (Freeman’s Journal, 1904)
O’Connell on Freedom (Lampson, 1907)
Two Masters (O’Leary, 1896)
Connolly on the Catholic Church in Ireland (Connolly, 1910)
Pope and Queen (McCarthy, 1901)
AE and the Queen (Moore, 1925)
Queen Victoria’s Visit to Ireland (O’Leary, 1896)
The Queen’s Visit to Ireland (McCarthy, 1901)
English Failure to Understand Irish (Plunkett, 1904)
English Jingoes and the Russo-Japanese War (Freeman’s Journal, 1904)
Failure of the Union (Paul-Dubois, 1908)
Reconciling the Irish to Empire (McCarthy, 1901)
Failure of Protestantisation (Paul-Dubois, 1908)
Power of the Catholic Church (McCarthy, 1901)
St Patrick’s Day (Freeman’s Journal, 1904)
English Ignorance of Ireland (The Leader, 1904)
Lord Dudley’s Speech (Freeman’s Journal, 1904)
The Dawn of the Practical in Ireland (Plunkett, 1904)
Anti-Englishness (Paul-Dubois, 1908)
Financial Relations between England and Ireland (Russell, 1901)
Balfour (Robertson, 1897)
Effect of History in Ireland (Paul-Dubois, 1908)
English and Irish Understandings of History (Plunkett, 1904)
English and the Past (O’Leary, 1896)
Goldwin Smith on History Being to Blame (Robertson, 1897)
Royal Visit (Irish Times, 1904)
Bardic Memory (Ginnell, 1894)
Athanasian Creed (Freeman’s Journal, 1904)
Sacred Music (Freeman’s Journal, 1904)
Michael and the Angels (Newman, 1872)
British Depression (Irish Times, 1904)
Alien Life in England (Answers, 1904)
English Anti-Semitism (The Leader, 1904)
Jewish Immigration (Blackwood’s, 1901 and 1903 and Daily Mail, 1911)
The Jews in Limerick (Freeman’s Journal, 1904)
Enlistment (Paul-Dubois, 1908)
Enlistment (United Irishman, 1904)
Red-Haired Women (Birmingham, 1911)
Irish Piers (Birmingham, 1911)
The Superman (Eglinton, 1917)
Shaw on Nietzsche and Bullying (Thatcher, 1970)
Charity (Eglinton, 1917)
Yeats’s Underlinings in Nietzsche (Common, 1901)
Meredith (Robertson, 1897)
Wild Irish (Robinson, 1912)
Three Things to Fear (Gogarty, 1937)
Emigration and Exile (Rooney, 1909)
Law of Distraining (Ginnell, 1896)