Gaels Seldom Moody (Bryant, 1913)

1.235-36. Sophie Bryant, The Genius of the Gael: A Study in Celtic Psychology and its Manifestations, (London and Leipsic: T. Fisher Unwin, 1913), pp.67-68. BL 012354.g.16

Extract from Sophie Bryant, The Genius of the Gael (1913).

In this extract from her chapter on ‘The Psychology of the Celt’, Bryant takes issue with the stereotypical idea that Irishmen are naturally prone to being ‘moody’.

The Irishman, whatever his mood, is conscious or semi-conscious of other moods hanging about him; hence arises a suggestion of incongruity which, without destroying the balance of his central mood, clothes his ideas generally in a subtle veil of humour. It follows that the Gael is seldom moody — i.e., under the dominance of one mere mood for long.