Richmond Asylum Baths (United Irishman, 1904)

1.128. The United Irishman: A National Weekly Review, No.267, Vol.11 (Dublin), 9 April, 1904, 1.

Mention of Richmond Asylum in a letter printed in The United Irishman.

The following letter refers to Richmond Asylum (Dottyville) in a manner which suggests the procurement of baths for that institution had recently been quite a controversial matter:

Mr. D. Magennis sends us a copy of the following letter which, for some occult reason, the Evening Telegraph declined to publish:

¶¶DEAR SIR — It is simply disgraceful the condition of many of the street name-plates in this city. To give two out of hundreds: let any of your readers just take a look at Temple-street, North, at its junction with Gardiner’s-row and South Frederick-street at its junction with Nassau-street. Are the Corporation people afraid to remedy this lest it might give a few painters or letter-writers a job? Or is it that it would necessitate the keeping of the promise made some time ago to have the names in Gaelic put up in all cases of renewals? They can largely and generously assist (with the ratepayers’ money) in the purchase of white enamelled baths (I venture to say, as good as in the Shelbourne Hotel) for the certificated lunatics in the Richmond Asylum. Surely they might remedy the little matter I have called attention to for the “uncertificated” lunatics outside.