Kindness of the Celt (Bryant, 1913)

1.62-63, 162-64. Sophie Bryant, The Genius of the Gael: A Study in Celtic Psychology and its Manifestations, (London and Leipsic: T. Fisher Unwin, 1913), pp.69-70. BL 012354.g.16

An extract from Sophie Bryant, The Genius of the Gael (1913), on the kindness of the Celt.

This brief extract from Bryant’s chapter on ‘The Psychology of the Celt’ notes the particular type of kindness demonstrated by the Celt, apparently lacking in Stephen’s eschewal of the traditional idea of Irish hospitality and in Mulligan’s idea of the proper response to Haines’s making noise:

It is not that the Celt is kinder than another. The English and the Germans are quite as kind when they become aware of another. The Germans are the sentimentalists of Europe. The Englishman has an affectionate nature. It is that the Celt’s kindness is so much more skilful. His sympathy fits you like a glove. He seems to have a miraculous insight into your wants.