English Teaching the Irish How to be Irish (Gogarty, 1937)

1.431-32. Oliver St. John Gogarty, As I Was Going Down Sackville Street: A Phantasy in Fact, (London: Rich & Cowan, Ltd., 1937), p. 155. BL 010821.ff.38

An extract from Oliver St. J. Gogarty, As I Was Going Down Sackville Street (1937), on English visitors who came to Ireland to teach it ‘how to be Irish’.

In the course of a discussion of Irish nationality, Gogarty makes the following comment about the Anglo-Normans, which has great relevance  to Haines:

No, they were not as Irish as the non-historical Irish or the Firbolg failures, or as those who came over thirty years ago from England to teach Ireland how to be Irish.