Dana and Independent Thought (Irish Times, 1904)

1.625-26. The Irish Times, (Dublin), Monday, 30 May, 1904, 6.

Extract from an editorial in The Irish Times.

This editorial takes the opportunity provided by the second edition and slight re-titling of the magazine Dana to reflect on the possibility of independent thought in Ireland:

Purchasers of Dana — and may they be many — will notice a slight change in the title-page. In the first number it was described as “a magazine of independent thought,” now it is “an Irish magazine of independent thought.” The change is slight but significant. While in other countries there are many vehicles for the expression of independent thought, in Ireland there was not one — until Dana made its modest entry into life a month ago. In this country the typical vehicle — of expression as of locomotion — is a “side-car.” Our journals, weekly as well as daily, are almost without exception party organs, starting their consideration of all public questions with a strong prejudice, which blinds their vision and vitiates their conclusions. The independent thinker is not unknown, but in his native land he is muzzled; only across the water can he find an outlet for his thoughts, which consequently never reach the vast majority of his countrymen.