Doing Something for Ireland (Dunraven, 1905)

1.158. The Earl of Dunraven, The Crisis in Ireland: An Account of the Present Condition of Ireland and Suggestions Towards Reform, (London: Chapman and Hall; Dublin: Hodges, Figgis and Co., 1905), pp. 9-10. BL 8145.f.14

An extract from The Earl of Dunraven, The Crisis in Ireland (1905), on the need to do something for Ireland.

Mulligan’s desire for he and Stephen to do something for Ireland can be compared to Dunraven’s wish expressed in this passage, though the President of the Irish Reform Association appears to have something rather more practical – and practicable – in mind than Hellenising the island:

But I need not pursue this theme; the broad fact is that the best that is in Ireland is flowing outward, the worst is drifting in increasing proportion to the lunatic asylums, and the balance remains in Ireland of necessity rather than by choice. It is in the face of these deplorable facts that I appeal to moderate men in Ireland to put aside their differences for a while and to do something for the salvation of their country. Can we not endeavour to enlighten the English people and convince them that unless some remedial measures are undertaken Ireland must still continue her downward career, and become an increasing and eventually an intolerable, because unprofitable, burden upon “the predominant partner”? The outlook is not without hope.