Royal Visit (Irish Times, 1904)

1.649. The Irish Times, (Dublin), Friday, 29 April, 1904, 4.

Extract from an editorial in The Irish Times.

The new (post-1895) Unionism was often closely connected to a will to historical amnesia. In this leader, the editorial writer of The Irish Times gives a glowing and unflinchingly loyal review of the just concluded royal visit to Ireland. In the following extract, he offers advice to the Irish people not to dwell on the past:

. . . HIS MAJESTY kept an appointment first made by a predecessor eighty-three years ago. When we look back through that long vista of years, and when we remember the bitter fate which it has been the lot of Ireland to experience, we cannot help expressing the earnest hope that we are within sight of daylight. As storms in their course leave their traces upon nature’s face, so it would be too much to expect that the experiences of half a century should not have left behind them painful recollections. But for the nation that is for ever dwelling in the past there is no hope. The duty of Ireland and of the Irish race is confidently to face the future, secure in the conviction that real endeavour to fit ourselves for the work of self-advancement must bear fruit eventually. Ireland has been shown that the SOVEREIGN regards her with peculiar favour, and Irishmen will surely never let it go forth that they are disinclined to come up to the expectations which HIS MAJESTY has formed of them.