Lawns at Oxford (Davidson, 1914)

1.172-75. Norman J. Davidson, Things Seen in Oxford, (London: Seeley, Service & Co., 1914), p. 185. BL

An extract from Norman J. Davidson, Things Seen in Oxford (1914), on Oxford lawns.

As Davidson notes, Oxford’s college lawns were (and to some extent still are) a distinctive and much-prized feature of the university:

Most colleges have a beautifully kept lawn in one, at least, of its quads — lawns so clean and velvety, looking as if they had their hair combed and brushed every morning. These lawns are tabooed to everyone under the status of M.A., and should the undergraduate through ignorance or forgetfulness transgress this rule, he will bring upon himself a loud-voiced admonition from one of the lynx-eyed porters to “Get off the grass!”